Rules and Apply

League Rules are as follows:
First and foremost, is being respectful to your fellow racers and admins. Accidents happen, but being in control and driving within your ability is expected. You can’t win a race if you don’t finish, so take care of your equipment. Drivers will be kicked from a race after 14 incident points, and if a driver is kicked too often they will be removed from the league.

No aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is defined by actions like intentionally wrecking a driver (You will be removed from league), dive bombing, slide jobs and overly aggressive restarts on cold tires, or blocking in early laps. Acceptable aggressive driving would be bump and run on a short track, provided it is after a few attempts to pass cleanly, bump drafts on plate races, and getting someone loose WITHOUT contact. If a driver is found to be racing aggressively they will be warned once, penalized if it happens again, and removed from league if it continues.

No flaming, trolling, cussing, or calling out people for wrecks. If you have an issue with a driver report them, no arguing during a race. Absolutely no racist, sexist, or otherwise insensitive language. If we hear anyone use the “R” word they will be banned, you have been warned.

Everyone must be accepted into the league, and is put on probation for the first three races. If in that time the rules are not followed, they will be removed from the league.

No driver aids are allowed (except anti-stall clutch), and only cockpit view is allowed. If you are not in cockpit view, you are playing a video game, not racing a sim.

Driver numbers are on a first come, first serve basis. Please request your number when you apply.

During restarts drivers should follow iRacing commands, and keep a close distance, laying back is cheating. Preferably we would all be concerned with warming up our tires during a restart, and not being overly aggressive.

Pitting Out should be on the back stretch of all tracks, and yield to the cars on the track, no turn 2 race line entries. You should text or state you are exiting the pits.

Pitting In should be done safely, and again you should either state or text you are pitting. Again it is up to the driver to be safe, if you enter the apron on the back stretch, but still self spin, that is not a safe entry. Likewise if you can safely enter the pits from turn 4, then that is allowed. This means it benefits a driver to practice pitting, and it will hurt a driver to over estimate his or her ability.

Lapped traffic and slower cars must hold a steady race line. Passing cars are responsible for safely overtaking slower cars, so long as slower cars are holding the race line.

If you are warping, you should pull to the back of the field until it gets better, or remove yourself if it does not. If a driver ignores the fact that they are warping, and causes an accident they will get double points violation.

Points will be based on a full field, meaning first place gets 43 points, 2nd 42 points and so on.

Bonus points:

Lead a lap = 1pt

Lead the most = 2pts

Penalty Points:
Any incident that causes a caution, or is reported:

Self spin with no one else evolved = -2pts

wreck from not holding a line = -4pts

Self Spinning into others = -4pts

Aggressive Driving wreck = -6pts

Aggressive driving Shared Blame = -6pts each

You can appeal a penalty, but if you are still found at fault, you will receive an additional -4pts

Racing requirements:
Must have a wheel and pedals, and a working microphone. A good attitude is greatly appreciated.